Companies, entrepreneurs

Our firm provides legal services and legal advice on any issue that occurs in the life of the company. Clients are provided with a unique solution with respect to the client’s business strategy – we are always looking for a solution that is safest for his business.

In this particular segment of the services we offer:

  • Comprehensive documentation related to the business (management contracts; employment contracts; relationships with customers resp. suppliers; fulfillment of legal obligations)
  • Representation in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, in the negotiation process with commercial partners (ensuring the future enforcement of contract) and with employees (efficient termination of employment)
  • Recovery of debts related to business transactions and debts of employees
  • Protection of the company name, of the trade secrets and the know-how; copyright protection (patent protection, trademarks, industrial property rights)
  • The adjustment of the internal relations of the partners and shareholders in the company

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